“Since 1967 we have made it our highest priority to produce the best products at competitive prices.

I believe one must have a humble attitude, but be dogmatic in self belief that all goals will be achieved. 

Of prime importance to the Grid Group is maintaining the focus of quality & efficiency, while building strong, effective relationships at all levels.

We are never complacent, continually working to improve our progress and
thereby our products.

We do this with fairness, honesty and integrity.”

Bruce Winship - C.E.O.

Unit 508 Strauss Daly Place

41 Richefond Circle

Umhlanga Ridgeside

Durban 4000    

Contact : Bruce Winship

Email : info@grid.co.za

Tel : 031 - 566 2704

Fax : 031 - 566 4631

Postal Address

PO Box 40007

Red Hill


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